5 Reasons YaaHR Will Be Your Best Investment in 2020

Running a business is never a cakewalk. From creating marketing strategies to complying with performance audits, each step requires the utmost attention to nuances, a keen eye for details, and an apt decision-making process. Add to this the stress of managing an efficient workforce!

In the era of plugins and one-task solutions, businesses subscribe to various digital tools to help hire and manage their employees. But you can do only so much with a multitude of plans and platforms to keep track of. And despite this, you’ll be left stressing about retention, whether your employees feel happy working with you, and the actual return you are getting from these many investments on various tools and software.

Regruit thought about all of this- and more! We walked in your shoes to create a one-of-its-kind Workforce Growth Platform. It might be your best investment in 2020 and here’s why:

1) Integrated Workforce growth platform

Regruit isn’t just one platform. It is an integrated platform meant to replace all the other ones. You don’t need a different subscription to job portals, job boards, payroll services, training agencies, attendance and location trackers, and extra communication tools.

We get you all of these at one place.

2) Wonderful Plugins and Employee Perks (which cost nothing)

Regruit offers various plugins and perks. For hiring, we offer support via Job Target to promote your job posts on more than 20,000 job boards.

Need background checks? We have this sorted as well. Run background checks on your potential candidates through our built-in integrations supported by Evident ID.

Our Payroll partners include iSolved, Kyck Global, ADP, Infiniti, Sage, Paylocity, and Heartland.

For a successful business, you need happy and content employees. To make this possible, we offer employee access to subsidized insurance via Stride Health and GoodRx for medication price comparison.

3) Easy Training for Employees

If you have been wondering how to get industry-specific training for your employees, Regruit has a solution. We train employees on your behalf.

For instance, if you run a senior care business and employee caregivers, they need to complete a certain minimum hour of training to keep up with their license. Regruit offers training support in the form of curated training videos and quizzes. We track trainee’s progress and keep them and you, updated.

4) Seamless, Multi-lingual Communication

Do you employ non-native English speakers?  We have created built-in multi-language supportive tools to help employers communicate easily with their employees. No language barriers anymore!

5) Employee Recognition

To top it off, we bring our ace feature- recognition points. Even science says that rewards are the best motivation factor. So why not use it to your advantage to encourage your high-performing employees. Regruit lets you do this with recognition points for jobs well done. This helps you not only recognize top performers but also award them with extra perks.

With YaaHR, better times ahead for employers and employees!