We can’t fix the global
caregiver hiring and retention crisis.

We can help fix yours.

Improve caregiver recruitment productivity and increase 90 day retention.
Recruitment Process with YaaHR.
The home health care industry is booming, but it's hard to find qualified caregivers and nurses in a cost effective way.

YaaHR is the solution. We offer you pre-made templates for creating your own job board for caregivers and nurses. This means that you can trust that every job you post is rising above the clutter and reaches the right applicant pool.
Because HR apps should
simplify life…
not complicate it!
YaaHR.com is built to make life easier for everyone involved in the hiring process. We help you find qualified candidates quickly and easily, and our retention tools make sure they stick around.
Attract and Hire Best Applicants

Launch a career site, email and interview candidates, verify skills,references, background checks all in one platform.

Improve Employee Performance with Retention

Mobile app based training with analytic dashboard. Reward good job performance with Care Points.

It's hard to find the right hire, and even harder to keep them around.

You know that finding and keeping the best talent is essential to your business' success, but it feels like a never-ending cycle of interviewing, hiring, training, and then losing them again.

OVER 100+
Great Businesses.
This will save us a ton of time in maintaining certificates and licenses of our caregivers. I can’t thank you enough.
HR Manager,
Home Health Agency, Atlanta GA