One small step for prevention from corona virus, with YaaHR

As the total number of people sickened from coronavirus (COVID-19)  crossed 100,000 across 100 countries on March 8th 2020, several workplaces were reported to take corrective steps for preventing its spread among their employees. While some organizations have advised their employees to work from home, it is not possible for several businesses to let their employees work from home – case in point being government employees providing critical services to their citizens or healthcare workers. In one such move, the state government in Delhi (India) advised its employees not to use biometric attendance to check the spread of coronavirus.

But going back to paper form attendance registers in the 21st century is not something workplaces or their employees would prefer. One such example is a health clinic in India which has recently decided to implement Regruit for employee attendance and secure internal communication. 

In an email the lead physician and administrator of this health establishment said. “I have been closely following how coronavirus cases are increasing globally. When it started happening in India I had to quickly think about preventive measures for my colleagues. We stopped using contact based biometric machine and had started using Regruit’s mobile app platform. All our health workers have downloaded this App in their mobile phones so they could clock in and clock out to mark their attendance. Since attendance is geolocation tagged so there was no chance of anyone clocking in from a remote location! I have also started using its other features like employee communication and giving tasks to our team members and monitor their completion. I am now feeling more empowered and team members are feeling more productive and safer as well. This morning when the government announced to restrict all contact biometrics in India, I was not worried at all; for I was already prepared!”

We thank all health works globally for their selfless work in managing this epidemic of COVID-19. Indeed, it give us an encouragement that Regruit is helping in a small way for keeping our health workers safer. But you don’t need to be a healthcare provider to use Regruit. If your workplace is still using finger touch biometrics or any other contact-based devices for time and location tracking, it is a good time to try Regruit.