Well begun is half won! Remote Hiring made easy in just 3 steps!

When you are a small business, hiring candidates remotely can seem like a difficult task.

There are many steps involved

  1. Advertising your open roles 
  2. Selection of candidates
  3. Interview
  4. Background checks
  5. Onboarding

Small business owners, entrepreneurs have to do these tasks themselves, without having to spend a lot of money.

YaaHR is a digital solution to navigate hiring in post covid times. Using YaaHR, small business owners can easily achieve the goal of remote hiring in an easy and intuitive way!

First important step in hiring is advertising your open role:

Create a job: there are premade templates in YaaHR which make it very easy to create a job. Just select a location, job requirements and salary details, and your job creation is done!

Share the job: Once you save this detail, this job can be shared in Facebook and at the career page of your website. Also the job is immediately made available in YaaHR app for applicants to view.

Sharing to wider audience: By using built in integrations with Job Target, you can send this new job to more than 20000 job boards of your choice. And if you are working within a budget, Job Target can also recommend what job boards will be most suitable for filling this position.